5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Post Your Baby’s Photos on Facebook

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Post Your Baby's Photos on Facebook and where you should post them instead! Keep baby photos safe and secure and share them with select friends and family easily using this awesome app for moms. #babyphotos #newborn #parenting #momlife #toddlerlife via @https://www.pinterest.com/sanemomma

Anyone with a Facebook account knows that it is dominated by adorable baby photos. From newborn photos to Halloween costumes, we seem to know exactly what is going on in the lives of all the children of our friends and acquaintances. Despite the temptation to plaster your photos of the cutest baby in the world (yours, obviously) all over the internet, I’d like to present 5 reasons why you shouldn’t post your baby photos on Facebook (and where to post them instead!)

Before I get into these 5 reasons, I wanted to share with you why this topic even came up in our household. My husband and I decided when my son was born that we didn’t want his baby photos to end up on Facebook. We don’t have anything against others who decide to do so. it was just a personal decision. I’ll get more into why we made that decision a little later in this post. 

Not sharing photos online was no problem when my son was first born. I would just text photos to people on occasion. Three months later, we moved across the country, away from about 98% of our family. The thought of sending personal photo messages to each family member regularly sounded like such a daunting task. I just knew there had to be a solution.

And there is! It’s a FREE app called TinyBeans! I’ll touch on some of the details throughout the post but if you’re interested in downloading the app, make sure to use my link at the bottom of this post to get a free month of the premium version!

(I am not being paid to advertise for TinyBeans, but I will also get a free month of premium if you use my link to sign up. Regardless, I would promote this app either way. I use it every day and my family says it is the highlight of their day)


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5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Post Your Baby’s Photos on Facebook

1. Your Friends List

Most of us don’t pay much attention to our Facebook friends list these days. If someone you know adds you, you just accept. But I’m willing to bet if you went through it you might come across a person or two that would make you think that it would be a little weird if they saved or printed your kid’s photo. It’s not to say that they are bad people, they just don’t fit into the same category as your family and close friends.

That being said, Facebook allows you to choose your privacy settings for each post so you can avoid this. Maybe it’s just me, but I never feel confident posting something “private” for a select group. I feel like I didn’t check all the right boxes and my private post is going to end up on everyone’s feed. With TinyBeans, I know that everyone on my friends list was added for this exact purpose. I can confidently post my son’s baby photos and not worry that some stranger will end up seeing them.

A quick note: TinyBeans does allow people to share photos, so you will still want to make it known that you don’t want them to do so. When you post a photo on TinyBeans, users can still like and comment within the app, like Facebook, but it still remains private. 


2. Friends of Friends

Regardless of how careful you are in adding only your closest friends or family on Facebook, you never know if they have done the same. Maybe your best friend likes to add anyone who asks. (A decision that would surely result in a massive friends list full of some very strange people.) Again, Facebook lets you decide not to let friends of friends see your posts, but just the fact that they are connected and it would be so easy to accidentally make information available to them makes me nervous.

TinyBeans doesn’t have a friends of friends feature. Not to mention, things are completely separated if a TinyBeans user has more than one account they are viewing. If you invite someone to your TinyBeans account and they have also been invited to view another family’s account, they view them separately and there is no sharing between accounts. Additionally, you can control which users have access to add their own photos vs. those who are simply able to view, like and comment. 


3. Don’t be That Friend

This is a big one. Some people can’t stand to see a million photos of your baby posted all over their Facebook feed. Granted they can remove you from their feed, but maybe they don’t want to remove you. Maybe they just want the 100 photos a day to stop. (If you’re a new expecting mother, just know that you will take approximately 1,365 baby photos every day and you won’t be able to stop yourself.)

For a long time, I didn’t have very many Facebook friends. I kept it very personal, which meant that if one person decided to post a lot it dominated my feed. Just take a second to look at your friends list and I’m sure you will be able to clearly identify who would be thrilled to see photos of your little one every day and who would be annoyed. TinyBeans is specifically focused on your kid’s photos so not only are you inviting the people who would care, they are also choosing to accept. Not to mention the baby photos won’t be cluttering up their Facebook feed. They can choose to receive (or not receive) daily emails or download the app and get notifications.


4. Photo Sharing

Let’s say you post a photo of your little one on Facebook and set the privacy settings to Family only. If your aunt decides to share it on her Facebook, your privacy settings will stay intact; however, if your ridiculously computer savvy grandma (yeah, I have one of these) decides to download the image and write her own post with it, that’s an entirely different story. Now Joyce from prayer group can share it and before you know it everyone at bingo is talking about your kid’s picture.

While it’s technically possible to download a photo from TinyBeans and share it, I made it a point to tell everyone I invited the reasoning behind our choice to use the app and that seems to have stuck. They feel like they are part of a special group rather than feeling the need to share it with everyone in the world. TinyBeans also allows you to like and comment on photos so the social aspect is still there as well.



5. Lost in the Shuffle

I don’t know about everyone else but I feel like I miss things on Facebook sometimes. Every now and then I will see that someone shared something older that I never even knew happened. Now, it’s a good thing that I don’t see every single post or I would lose my mind, but for those close to us who don’t want to miss a beat, Facebook might not always be the best option, especially for those with a lot of Facebook friends in their feed.

TinyBeans ensures that everyone is up to date on the latest and greatest. Like I said, users have the option of receiving an email or notification with each new photo or video addition. Not to mention the calendar layout makes it easy to go back and find posts from earlier days. For example, I can go back to the day of my sons first birthday party and see all the amazing photos taken on that day. Nothing gets lost in the shuffle.


The Take-Away

I know that parents, especially new parents, can’t wait to share baby photos and videos of their bundle of joy with the people they care about most. TinyBeans is an excellent (and FREE) way to just that without worrying about exposing your baby photos to strangers online.

Aside from the privacy features I love, this app has also provided me with a great service that I am eternally grateful for. Every day, it reminds me to take a photo. This is something I most certainly would not be keeping up with otherwise. I now have a photo from nearly every day since my son was born and have documented his growth with very little effort.

If I get a notification and I haven’t taken a photo that day, I just snap one on my phone and upload it in a matter of about two minutes. Sometimes those last-minute additions turn out to be the most fun! It is so wonderful to look back on past days, even the uneventful ones, and see how he has grown.


A Couple other Cool Features

Aside from the points I have made above, TinyBeans has a lot of really cool other features including:

  • No smartphone required

    • This is particularly awesome for grandparents. They can log in on a computer or a tablet if that is easier. This is also great if you prefer to upload images from your computer instead of your smartphone. 
  • Photo editing 

    • When you upload a photo, you can crop, add filters, add stickers or text, and other fun effects. I love using the stickers and text for things like holidays and milestones! 
  • Videos

    • This may be my favorite feature on TinyBeans. You can upload videos of your little one and let all of your friends and family in on the action! We recorded my son taking some of his first steps and our family was SO excited! 
  • Slideshows

    • These make me cry every time. Imagine watching a slideshow of how your baby has grown over the last few months. It’s wonderful. 
  • Printed Products

    • With TinyBeans you can manage all of your photo needs in one place. You already have them all uploaded. Just select the print product you want and pick your image(s). It’s quick and easy and they have a variety of fun options to choose from. You can order prints and photo books, phone cases, and magnets to name a few. 
  • Premium version

    • The paid version of TinyBeans offers longer videos, photo and video backups, even more privacy features, exclusive printing and special offers and more. 


Want to try it out? 

Click on the button below to get your FREE month of the premium version! 


Get TinyBeans!



What do all you other mommas think about sharing your baby photos online? Let me know in the comments below!


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  1. I agree that there can be overkill with posting pics of your children. One or 2 every now and then is fine, but there shouldn’t be enough pictures for someone else to make a photo album of your child(ren)

    • That’s why we love Tinybeans! No need to worry about overkill on there – in fact, if I miss a day I usually get a text from the grandparents asking where their Tinybeans update is! 😆

  2. Yes!! I don’t post pictures of my son online. It just makes me squirm. Absolutely no judgement to those that do, I honestly wish I could sometimes. But my husband and I decided on this while I was pregnant .(we’re both very anxious people) I’ll have to check this app out!

    • Ah, it’s so nice to hear that! I feel like I’m the only one most of the time, but I agree it’s just a personal decision that every family has to make. I wish I could sometimes too, but ultimately I’m glad I haven’t. This app is seriously awesome. My family all lives on the opposite coast so they love seeing daily pics of my son. Plus it reminds me to take pics which I’m sure I would not be good about doing otherwise 🙂