5 Things Moms Need Every Day

Remember before you were a mom? Back when you used to get upset if your needs weren’t met, or your partner didn’t call when they said they would? Weird, huh. Somehow becoming a mom just completely removes that part of your brain that says, “what about me?” As a self-care blogger, it’s my job to remind you of it! Here are 5 things that moms need every day. I challenge you to make it happen, momma!

Moms have needs too! Somehow becoming a mother just completely removes that part of your brain that says, "what about me?" As a self-care blogger, it's my job to remind you of it! Here are 5 things that moms need every day. I challenge you to make it happen, momma! #SaneMomma #MomLife #SelfCare #Motherhood #Parenthood

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5 Things Moms Need Every Day 


1. Basic Human Needs

It seems silly that I have to state the obvious, but I do. Momma – you need your basic human needs met every.single.day. You need to eat (full meals – not the leftover mac and cheese or chicken nuggets your toddler didn’t finish at lunch). You need sleep. You need to bathe. 

No excuses here, just do it. Put your newborn in the bouncer and bring it in the bathroom so you can shower. Let your toddler fuss while you leave them in the playpen for five minutes so you can make yourself something to eat. If your little one keeps you up all night, ask a friend or family member to watch them for a bit while you catch up on some zzz’s the next day. Trust me, it’s worth it. 

We can only be good moms if we are healthy and happy. Start by putting your basic needs into your daily routine, add in some extras when you can. and rock motherhood! 


2. Downtime

Sometimes moms need to not be mom for a few minutes. Just because your baby is finally napping, doesn’t mean you need to spend the entire time catching up on house chores. Take some time for yourself. Sip some coffee. And for goodness sake, allow yourself to enjoy it! No feeling guilty. 

I know many of us have experienced “mommy brain” where we forget things or do silly things thanks to our little distractions. I’ve found that when I have sufficient downtime, I don’t have as big of an issue with this. There’s something about taking some time for my brain to reset, even 15 minutes, that seems to get me back on track. 

For me, one of the most important parts about downtime is the quiet. I just want everything to be quiet, even for a moment, so my mind can calm the heck down. Maybe that’s anxiety related, but it definitely makes a difference for me. After a few minutes of silence, I feel refreshed and ready to mom again. 


3. Connection

If you’re a working mom, I’m sure you have this one covered, but for stay at home moms, it can be really tough! Believe it or not, hanging out with your kids all day does not count as being social. In fact, hanging out with your spouse in the evenings isn’t even enough. Sometimes, moms need to get the heck out of the house and be around people. Even a trip to the grocery store can be helpful if you make conversation with the cashier. 

Make it a point to get out often. Grab lunch with an old friend, visit family regularly. At the very least, call your friends or family to catch up and share your daily struggles with someone. 

For most of my life I considered myself to be an extrovert but, as I get older, and especially after having my son, I’ve found that I am becoming more of an introvert. I love my alone time and, after being a stay at home mom for nearly 2 years, it’s hard to step out into the real world sometimes. But I’m always glad I did. It doesn’t take much social interaction to remember who I really am, motherhood aside.


4. Love & Appreciation

If there’s one thing moms need, it’s love and appreciation. Every day. There’s this unexplained motherhood phenomenon where moms feel the need to serve their family and expect nothing in return. What nonsense is this?! If you make dinner, you deserve a thank you. After a long day, you deserve to sit down on the couch and snuggle with your little ones. And when you need a break, your loving family should be understanding of that. 

Here’s the thing, the reason many of us feel underappreciated is often our own fault. It’s all about our own mentality. We feel like we need to do it all, with no help, and no thank-you’s necessary. Forget that! Let them help, and ask them to help! Teach your kids to say thank you when you do something for them and expect your spouse to set a good example. When you need that break, don’t feel guilty and don’t apologize! The way you act determines how others will treat you. Act as though you deserve love and appreciation because you do! 


5. Personal growth

Just because you’re a mom now doesn’t mean the personal growth is over. You won’t be stuck watching Word Party and Paw Patrol forever. Keep moving forward. If you haven’t found your passion in life yet, keep looking. Try out new things. Do something that scares you, often. (as long as it’s safe!) Keep exploring ways to develop yourself. I know, it feels like you should be spending more time on your kids’ development, but taking some time for your own growth will show them that personal development is important. What a valuable life lesson to learn. 

If you’re fortunate enough to know what your passion is, don’t let motherhood stop you from pursuing it! Sure, you may not be able to dedicate as much time as you could pre-baby and your family needs to be the top priority, but don’t give up your passion. Find a way to make time, even if it’s only an hour a day. So many people struggle to find out what their passion is, throwing it away when you know it exists is painful to even think about! 

Do you make these 5 needs a priority in your life as a mom? Let me know in the comments below! 


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