5 Steps to Deep Clean Your Kitchen 2

5 Steps to Deep Clean Your Kitchen

I️ don’t know how these 1950s housewives did it. They must have spent their entire day in the kitchen! Between cooking everything from scratch and cleaning up all the messes that come along with it, they seriously must have lived in that one room of the home. The kitchen is often the room that gets the most actual use. I’m sure that you are constantly tidying up, but you may be wondering how to really deep clean your kitchen. Where do you even start? Read on to learn the 5 Steps to Deep Clean Your Kitchen and don’t forget to downoad the FREE Cleaning Checklist at the end!

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Let’s talk about The 5 Steps to Deep Clean Your Kitchen


Step 1: Find the Soakers

The first step to deep clean your kitchen is to find anything that needs soaking. This usually includes appliance accessories such as gas stove burners, electric stove drip pans, toaster oven inserts, microwave turntables, etc. Start the soaking process for these items before you even begin cleaning the rest of the kitchen. Some items may need soaking overnight, in which case I️ recommend soaking these items the night before you plan to clean.


Step 2: Start at the Top

Light Fixtures

Once you are ready to begin the cleaning process, make sure to start at the top, the very top. This is to make sure that you aren’t making a mess of something you have already cleaned below. First, clean the overhead lighting and or fan. Use a duster and then wipe everything down with an all-purpose cleaner. (Make sure to turn off the light before you clean it!)

Ceiling and Walls

Next you will want to clean the ceiling and the walls. I️ highly recommend using a Swiffer to get up into the hard to reach places. Many people skip this step but if you are truly deep cleaning, this is necessary. Think about how many times you touch the walls each day, without even realizing it. In addition to the walls, take this time to clean the windows, window tracks, window trim, doors, doorknobs, and door trim as well.

Upper Cabinets

Moving on to the cabinets. Remove anything stored on top of the cabinets and clean it. Then, working your way across your kitchen, empty each cabinet, clean out the inside, then clean the outside and put everything back in. Depending on how many cabinets you have, this could take a while.


Step 3: Clean Appliances

Next on the deep cleaning check list is appliances. This is another big one. Look to see if any appliances might need extra soak time and lather those up first. For example, I️ would probably spray cleaner on my stove top and let that sit while I tackled something else easier, like my refrigerator.

Speaking of the refrigerator, make sure to take everything out before you clean, and as you put items back in, wipe them down as well.

Clean each appliance inside and out. During this step you will also want to finish up the soaker items that you started in step one. Remove them from soaking and clean or wipe down as needed. As you clean the appliance or area that they belong to, return them to their home.



Step 4: Wipe Down Surfaces

Ah, finally an easy step! Grab some all-purpose cleaner and a rag or paper towel and wipe down your counters, counter trim, back splash, and sink. Make sure to remove everything from your counters and sink before cleaning. This is also a good time to scrub and freshen up the garbage disposal!


Step 5: Get Low

Alright, you’ve already gotten high today, now it’s time to get low (sorry, I️ couldn’t resist using some pre-motherhood humor there). Now is the time to do to the lower cabinets exactly what you did to the upper ones. Go through each one, remove everything, and clean inside and out. But that’s not the only part of getting low, you also need to clean the baseboards and the floors.

I️ like to clean my floors in three steps – partly because I️ just can’t stand when I️ feel like I’m mopping and just pushing wet dirt around. First I️ run a vacuüm over the floor to pick up any larger debris. Then I️ use a Swiffer to grab all the remaining dust. Finally, I use a mop or Swiffer Wet Jet to finish the job. Don’t forget to pull out your appliances and clean the baseboard and floors behind them as well.



Congratulations, You now have a clean kitchen! I️ recommend you deep clean your kitchen every 3 months. While other rooms of the home don’t need deep cleaning as often, the kitchen is prime real estate for mold and pests.

Don’t forget to also keep up your kitchen at least weekly. Clean out the fridge and pantry regularly and remove old food. Wipe down surfaces (preferably daily). If an appliance is getting messy, take a few minutes to at least give it a quick once over. Clean the floors weekly and spot clean as needed throughout the week.

The more you maintain your weekly cleaning and deep cleaning schedule, the easier it will be to deep clean your kitchen each time!

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