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5 Ways to Deep Clean Your Bathroom


While the bathroom may be one of the filthiest places in your home, it can actually be surprisingly quick and easy to deep clean. My biggest problem with bathroom cleaning is that, well, bathrooms are gross. Old food in the kitchen may be filled with bacteria but the thought of the germs on a dirty toilet seat just gets to me. For those of you who feel the same, I’ve found that my 5 Steps to Deep Clean Your Bathroom seem to avoid as much of the ick-factor as possible.  Dont’ forget to get your FREE cleaning Checklist at the end! 


5 Steps to Deep Clean Your Bathroom


Step 1. Tackle the Tough Stuff

Take a good look at your bathroom before you get started. What are the dirtiest, grimiest areas? The first thing you should do is get those areas lathered up and soaking. This is what I’m talking about when I say avoiding the ick-factor. If your toilet bowl or the filthy bottom of your tub have soaked in bleach water for a bit before you get to them, you know all the germs are gone. 

The most valuable aspect of this step is that it can significantly reduce your total cleaning time. By soaking these areas now, you will spend less time and effort scrubbing them when you actually get to that point. The best areas to soak typically include the bathtub floor, the shower door(s), inside the sink. and the inside of the toilet bowl. If you need to soak your shower head, you can do so by using a rubber band to secure a cleaner (or vinegar) filled plastic bag around it. 


Step 2. Start at the Top

If you read my post about Deep Cleaning Your Kitchen, this is basically the same step 2 process. 

Light Fixtures

First, clean the overhead lighting and/or fan. You should be able to remove the fan cover to dust it (or vacuüm it out) and wipe it down as well.  (Make sure to turn off the light before you clean it!) 

Ceiling and Walls

Next you will want to clean the ceiling and the walls. I️ highly recommend using a Swiffer to get up into the hard to reach places. Many people skip this step but if you are truly deep cleaning, this is necessary. Think about how many times you touch the walls each day, without even realizing it. In addition to the walls, take this time to clean the windows, window tracks, window trim, doors, doorknobs, and door trim as well.

Medicine Cabinet

Remove anything stored on top of or inside of the medicine cabinet and clean it inside and out. Make sure everything is nice and dry and then put everything back, making sure to wipe down any items that need cleaning before putting them back. 

Tip: In addition to soaking, this would be a good time to throw your linens into the washing machine! (Towels, bathmats, shower curtains, etc.)


Step 3. Take a Shower

What’s the easiest way to clean your shower? Getting inside! If you have soaked the floor of your tub in bleach water, make sure to drain it. Put on some old flip flops and hop in. (Really though, just step in. I can’t be liable for you being so excited about cleaning your shower that you literally hop in and hurt yourself. Although it does make for a fun visual). Now, here’s the best part, put on a pair of vinyl or latex gloves followed by a pair of exfoliator gloves (like these ones) and get scrubbin’!

Wipe down the shower walls and fixtures,starting at the top, and work your way down to the tub, tub fixtures and drain. Once everything is done, make sure to give it a good rinse, This is especially easy if you have one of those nifty removable shower head sprayers, but if you don’t a cup will work. Just turn on the faucet and fill the cup as many times as you need to pour water over the areas needing rinsing. Dont’ forget to rinse out the exfoliator gloves and lay them out somewhere to dry. 



Step 4. Inside Out

Now it’s time to get back to the remaining areas that you have soaked. Most likely this includes the toilet bowl. Start by scrubbing the inside of the toilet with the toilet brush. If it has soaked in cleaner for a bit, it should come clean relatively quickly. You can then start to work your way out. Wipe down the toilet seat and surrounding areas and then clean the entire outside area of the toilet from the top down. Don’t forget to get in all the little crevices toward the bottom, including the areas where the toilet intersects with the floor.  

Next, let’s focus on the sink(s). Remove all items from the counter top and then, just like you did with the toilet, work your way from the inside out. If your drain tends to clog up a bit, now would be the time to take care of that too. Make sure to do this before you clean it, as it may make a bit of a mess. If you have never used a drain snake, let me tell you, it is ah-may-zing! And Cheap! Check out this one for $5 on Amazon. Once you are done getting the sink and surrounding counter cleaned up, wipe down all the countertop items and return them to their designated places. 

Tip: Dont’ forget to refill the soap dispenser and replace the toilet paper! 



Step 5. Make it Shine

Ah, my favorite part! Most of the grime is gone and it’s time for the finishing touches. Grab a bottle of windex and shine the place up! Mirrors, windows, and every metal fixture you have. While you could technically do this in each area during it’s designated cleaning step, I like to save this part for last – maybe I’m just crazy, 

Finally, finish everything off with the floors. I️ like to clean my floors in three steps – partly because I️ just can’t stand when I️ feel like I’m mopping and just pushing wet dirt around. First I️ run a vacuüm over the floor to pick up any larger debris. Then I️ use a Swiffer to grab all the remaining dust. Finally, I use a mop or Swiffer Wet Jet to finish the job. Don’t forget clean the baseboards and behind the toilet as well.



Keeping up the bathroom is a relatively easy 5-10 minute daily task. I usually try to just get it done while I am getting ready in the morning. When I am in the shower, I throw on the exfoliator gloves that I have designated for cleaning and just give the shower walls a quick wipe down. For glass shower doors, keep a squeegee in the shower and use it before you get out. If the toilet looks a little grungy, I’ll give it a quick once over with the toilet brush – and I keep a bit of cleaner in the bottom of the toilet brush holder for this reason. After I’m done getting ready. I will usually grab a paper towel and wipe down the counters, even if it’s just with water. 

Tip: Lysol wipes are great for daily maintenance! 


And there you have it! My 5 Steps to Deep Clean Your Bathroom. Do YOU have any other tips? Let me know in the comments below! 


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