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2018 Lose The Baby Weight Challenge

The 2018 Lose the Baby Weight Challenge


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“The Weight Will ‘Fall Off’ If You Breastfeed”, They Said…

When I became pregnant, I severely underestimated how difficult it would be to lose the baby weight. I still paid attention to my diet to a certain degree while pregnant, but by the time I had my son, I had gained about 40 pounds. Everyone told me, and I mean everyone, that the weight would “fall off” with breastfeeding.

I will say that the first 20 pounds came off without much effort, but it took about 6 months. At that point, the weight lost stopped, leaving me 20 pounds heavier than I wanted to be. Right around the one-year mark, I finally decided to make a change. I had spent an entire year focusing on my baby and my husband so much that I didn’t even stop to think about what I needed. I needed to feel better physically and I wanted to feel good about my appearance again. It was time to make weight loss a priority. 

Making a Permanent Change

In the past, I have done countless diets and quick fat burner workouts, only to eventually fail. Even before I got pregnant I struggled with my weight. I would lose some and then gain it right back, over and over. This time, I didn’t want to make the same mistake again. I decided that I didn’t just want to lose weight, I wanted to make a lifestyle change that would help me to keep it off. I wanted to feel healthy every day. 

Creating the Plan

So, I did my research. I stopped looking at the articles that promised extreme results and started looking at healthy lifestyle changes that would also result in weight loss. When it came to exercise, I looked for options that would allow for results with short duration workouts, as I knew my time would be limited to my son’s nap times. Once I had a plan, I made a commitment to myself, my family and my readers. I set a goal to lose 20 pounds in 16 weeks. It was a lofty goal, but I needed the challenge. I blogged throughout my entire journey to share my progress and my methods with my readers, as well as before and after photos. The fact that I knew that I would need to post an update every 4 weeks kept me going more than anything. 

You can follow my journey here: Beginning My Weight Loss Journey

So, what happened when I reached week 16? I did it! Ok, fine, I technically lost 19.6 pounds but I am rounding up gosh darn it! 

My 16 Week Weight Loss Plan: The Final Result

As a thank you to my readers, particularly those who provided encouragement along the way, I decided to create the 2018 Lose the Baby Weight Challenge


Introducing the 2018 Lose The Baby Weight Challenge

The 2018 Lose the Baby Weight Challenge focuses on both diet and exercise. The plan is designed to last for 8 weeks, but can be extended to meet your weight loss goals. If you only need to lose 10 pounds, you may be able to lose that in one 8-week session just like I did! The BEST part about this challenge is that it will introduce you to methods that can transform from an 8-week challenge into long-term lifestyle changes! After completing 16 weeks, I can’t imagine going back to eating the way I used to.

As a fellow mom, I understand that the two things that keep us from taking action on lifestyle changes are usually time and money. This challenge should not increase your grocery bill. In fact, it could lower it! If you aren’t currently cooking your own meals each night, the plan may require a little more time than what you are used to, but there are a variety of options for quick and easy meals. The workout plan includes four 20-minute workouts each week. There’s no crazy hour-long cardio sessions and no gym visits required! My aim was to make this plan as accessible as possible for moms everywhere. 


Ketogenic Recipes


What’s included? 

When you join the 2018 Lose the Baby Weight Challenge, you will not only receive all the details of the diet and exercise plans, but FREE printables to keep you on track as well! These printables include: 

  • Goals Worksheet
  • Workout Calendar
  • Meal Planner
  • *Bonus: Healthy alternative recipes to common cravings! 

As you continue on with the challenge, I will be there to give you tips and encouragement along the way. I am always happy to answer any questions you have and would love to hear about your challenges and successes. In fact, if you send me your before and after photos, I might even feature them in a post! 

Alright Ladies, it’s time to take the next step! Sign up today and start losing that baby weight!


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  • Logan

    Awesome idea! Thanks for putting this together. I love how specific the workout is and how you took charge to create it on your own. 🙂 Keep up the good work! I love reading what people are doing in 2018.