The 20 Best Christmas Gifts for One Year Olds

The 20 Best Christmas Gifts for One Year Olds


Are you looking for a great gift for a one year old but don’t know where to start? If you aren’t a parent, you may not even know what toys make sense in regard to development at one year old. Or perhaps you ARE a parent but you don’t know where to start. Maybe you’re buying for someone else’s toddler and your little ones have been past that stage for some time. Toys change constantly and, most importantly, opinions about what is safe or developmentally appropriate change even faster. For anyone looking for some great gift ideas, Here is the Sane Momma list of The 20 Best Christmas Gifts for One Year Olds. 


The 20 Best Christmas Gifts for One Year Olds


For the Busy Mom 


The Play Pen 

We were recently gifted one of these lifesavers. Thanks to the play pen, I can finally get some work done while my son is awake. Granted, it’s in spurts, but before it was impossible. Any busy mom will thank you for this. 


The Ball Pit (and plastic balls

Looking for another great way to keep a little one occupied? This will do the trick! 


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Outdoor Fun


The Water Table

What toddler doesn’t love splashing water?! This will undoubtedly provide hours of fun and make for some really fun photos! 



The Baby Camping Chair 

I can’t tell you how many times this has come in handy for us. Not only is it great for outdoor adventures, but it comes with straps to hook it to a chair and use it as a booster seat! It also comes in a nifty little bag. We keep ours in the car all the time, just in case. 


Busy Bodies


The Ride-On

Walking is still new at this age, so getting from point a to point b isn’t always so easy.. unless you have a sweet ride! 


The Walker 

We have this exact toy and it is absolutely one of my son’s favorite things. He still hasn’t taken his first independent steps but he can walk with this thing! He also lives all the fun buttons on the front and dances when the songs play.


Traveling with Toddlers


The Sensory Board 

These are amazing! I made a larger version myself for home, but a small one like this is perfect for keeping a toddler occupied on trips. 


The Lightweight Stroller 

Anyone who has ever had one of those big clunky strollers that comes with the car seat/stroller travel system combos knows how great it is to have a lightweight stroller. Easily foldable and perfect for getting to your gate at the airport or bringing on a road trip where luggage fills up most of your trunk. 


BONUS: Stroller for the Older Sibling

For the moms who have a little one and a not so little one, this stroller has a platform for the older sibling to stand on while you cart around the baby. 


Just Like Mommy and Daddy


The Interactive Chair 

Sitting down to watch a movie isn’t an easy feat with a toddler, but it might be a little easier if they have their very own chair! 


The Baby Phone 

Phones are awfully exciting these days and babies know it! They see mommy and daddy on their phone and want a piece of the action. Why not get them their own?? 


Learning Fun


The Learning Table

These are especially fun for babies learning to walk. They have a place to practice standing and entertain themselves. Our son loves to pull himself up on his and then practice letting go and standing on his own! 


The Activity Book

This book is the perfect learning gift if you want something that will last a while. Our son may not understand numbers or letters yet, but he still loves his. As he gets older, he will start to learn more and more from this one toy! 


Little Artists


The Mess Free Coloring Adventure

For the moms who just can’t stand the thought of unleashing the mess that comes with babies and markers, this is the perfect solution! 


The FingerPainting Kit

For the moms who are okay with a bit of a mess, this is bound to be fun! (Don’t worry, the paint is washable)


Living Room Activities


The Building Blocks

Step 1. Build Tower – Step 2. Tear Tower Down – Repeat! 


The Tunnel

Words simply can’t describe how much fun these are for babies. Peek-a-boo is even more fun now! 


Messy Eaters


The No-Spill Placemat

This very well may be the best purchase I have ever made. These fantastic placements stick right to the high chair tray. My son is able to eat from the compartments without flinging a bowl across the room. 


The Catch-All Bibs

New eaters are pretty good at getting food everywhere, but these nifty bibs can reduce the floor clean up for moms. 


The Big Kid Cups

By now, a lot of kids have moved on from bottles to sippy cups, but these are the next level. With no handles and no spout, it brings them one step closer to using a regular old cup! 


And there you have it! The 20 Best Christmas Gifts for One Year Olds! 


Do you have any more suggestions? Let me know in the comments! 


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