My 16 Week Weight Loss Plan: Week 8 Progress

16 Week Weight Loss - Week 8 Progress

Week 8 of my 16 Week Weight Loss Plan is complete! Half way there!

As promised, I will be providing updates on my weight loss progress every 4 weeks for 16 weeks. If you haven’t already read my posts about this weight loss plan, click on the links below to catch up:


Ketogenic Recipes 


Where am I now?

For those of you following along, you already know that as of Week 4 I had lost 3 pounds, but don’t be fooled by the low number. I definitely gained some muscle as well and losing three pounds has never looked so good to me. Here’s a before and after photo from the beginning of week 1 to the end of week 4. 

16 Week Weight Loss

So where am I now? At 8 weeks…

Weeks 5-8: Challenges and Successes

These last 4 weeks have not been easy to say the least. Aside from the fact that eating healthy and working out everyday is challenging in its own right, I met a couple of extra speed bumps along the way.

First, I had a minor medical issue that lead to a prescription – one that can sometimes cause weight gain. I only had to take it for a week but, in a 16 week plan, 1 week is a big deal! I’m not 100% sure that this had an impact on my goals but I can tell you that I didn’t lose any weight that week.

But wait, there’s more! In my effort to make what should have been a very simple dinner, I managed to smoke up the kitchen (again, ha!). When I went to open up a window to air things out, well, long story short – I damn near broke my hand. With a black and blue hand my upper body workout was shot for the week. The following week I was able to resume most of the exercises in my workout, with extreme caution, of course. Life is fun sometimes, especially when you are an all over the place mom lol like me. You just have to make do with whatever is thrown your way and do your best to push through the muck.


Good News

On a more positive note, I did feel a little more settled into my diet these last 4 weeks. Eating healthy (and less) didn’t seem to be as frustrating. While I did have cheat meals on the weekend, I didn’t spend the entire week thinking about all the goodies I would want on Saturday. I honestly believe this is because I am eating a fair amount of fat in my diet. I don’t feel like I’m starving myself. My energy levels were also great. 

Sidenote: It is perfectly normal and acceptable to have minor setbacks, especially when the changes you are making are meant to be long-term lifestyle goals. We aren’t perfect and we don’t need to be! The important thing is that, as soon as the interruption is gone, you get right back on track at full force. As I’ve mentioned before, I highly recommend downloading the My Fitness Pal app. It keeps me on track and shows me just how off course I am when life leads me astray. Continuing to put my calorie data and daily exercise into the app even when I was doing poorly kept me from go my too far off course, and reminded me that I wanted to get back to my goals as soon as possible. 


Before and After

So let’s take a look at the side my side comparison. The photos on the left are at the beginning of my journey and those on the right at the 8 week mark.

16 Week Weight Loss

I’m down 10 pounds


For those of you that haven’t read my last post, My 16 Week Weight Loss Plan: Week 4 Progress, here is a before and after including weeks 1, 4 and 8. 

16 Week Weight Loss


How Do I Feel?

Honestly, I can’t believe it! My goal to lose 20 pounds in 16 weeks was, in my opinion, a pretty big challenge. I find that if I set the bar a little higher, I tend to work harder. So, I did just that! As of now, I’m on track to actually reach that lofty goal. Overall, my mood has improved, my energy levels are up, my clothes fit for the first time in ages, and I’m very proud. 

While I have the occasional craving, and sometimes give in to it, I haven’t felt deprived at all. My workouts are challenging but I am not burning myself out with something too extreme. My diet is filling and flavorful. I can honestly say that this plan has been the most realistic and pleasant weight loss tactic I have ever tried. (Trust me, I’ve tried my fair share.) Once I reach my goal, I am confident that many of the changes I have made will stick as permanent lifestyle changes. This is something I have tried to do for years. 

I hope that I have inspired at least one person out there to give this plan a shot. If you’re following along, I would be happy to post some testimonials or before and afters as well! Just let me know in the comments .


What’s Next? 

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16 Week Weight Loss - Week 8 Progress     16 Week Weight Loss - Week 8 Progress     16 Week Weight Loss - Week 8 Progress

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