My 16 Week Weight Loss Plan: The Final Result 2

My 16 Week Weight Loss Plan: The Final Result


It’s official! My 16 Week Weight Loss Plan is complete!

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Ketogenic Recipes

In case you haven’t been following my journey up to this point, here’s a quick recap:

Week 1 – Week 4:

Lost 3 pounds, but saw a noticeable difference in my overall appearance

Week 5 – Week 8:

Lost 7 pounds! This put me at a total of 10 pounds down at my half way point, which is exactly half of my goal!

Week 9 – week 12:

Lost 3 pounds. It always gets harder near the end!


So where am I now? At 16 weeks…


Weeks 12-16 Challenges and Successes

This was by far the most challenging 4-week period in my journey. I found myself torn between two mentalities – being extremely motivated to finish out the plan strong, and feeling like I had already accomplished so much that I “deserved” a break. That second mentality really got the best of me on Thanksgiving more than anything.

While I struggled to maintain my diet and exercise goals, I still managed to get back on track quickly, and with even more motivation. To be honest, my biggest motivator was you…my readers. Knowing that I made a commitment to you helped me push harder in my workouts and resist more diet temptations. Accountability can make a world of difference in motivation.


It is perfectly normal and acceptable to have minor setbacks, especially when the changes you are making are meant to be long-term lifestyle goals. We aren’t perfect and we don’t need to be! The important thing is that, as soon as the interruption is gone, you get right back on track at full force. As I’ve mentioned before, I highly recommend downloading the My Fitness Pal app. It keeps me on track and shows me just how off course I am when life leads me astray. Continuing to put my calorie data and daily exercise into the app even when I was doing poorly kept me from going too far off course, and reminded me that I wanted to get back to my goals as soon as possible. 

Before and After

Are you ready for the official before and after photos?? I know I sure was excited to take them! Below you can see where I was at the beginning of the 16 weeks and where I am today. I couldn’t be more thrilled! 

My 16 Week Weight Loss Plan: The Final Result


How Do I Feel?

I feel like a rock star! When I started this plan, I set my goal high. I knew that if I set my goal too low I wouldn’t be motivated to push myself very hard.  Honestly, I never thought that I would actually reach such a lofty goal!

I am so proud that I was able to not only stick to my plan, but to power through the struggles without falling off track completely. Life after a baby makes it so easy to put yourself on the back burner or to use motherhood as an excuse to give up on your personal goals. I’m proud that I was able to overcome this and achieve such amazing results.

What’s Next?

The fun isn’t over yet! Even though my official weight loss plan has ended, I still need to keep going strong. WE need to keep going strong! The only difference is that the goals will change. Instead of focusing on weight loss, the focus can now be shifted on maintaining a healthy diet and feeling great. If you have a particular area of your body you want to change, now you can spend your time working on that. Personally, I know that I need to focus on firming up my lower stomach (the infamous mom pooch). I also want to increase my overall strength. I’ve already come pretty far with both, but I still have a way to go!

For those of you who didn’t join in on all the fun for this plan, I’m going to be sending out the details for my 2018 Weight Loss Challenge soon! Keep an eye out for a post with all the details (and some printables to go along with it!) If you don’t want to miss it, make sure to follow Sane Momma on social media!


Update: The 2018 Lose the Baby Weight Challenge has arrived! Click below to join! 


Sane Momma’s 2018 Lose the Baby Weight Challenge


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