My 16 Week Weight Loss Plan: Week 12 Progress 2

16 Week Weight Loss Plan: Week 12 Progress

Week 12 of my 16 Week Weight Loss Plan is giving me hope! I’m Almost There!

As promised, I will be providing updates on my weight loss progress every 4 weeks for 16 weeks. If you haven’t already read my posts about this weight loss plan, click on the links below to catch up:


Ketogenic Recipes


Where am I now?

In case you haven’t been following my journey before this point, here’s a quick recap: 

Week 1 – Week 4:

Lost 3 pounds, but saw a noticeable difference in appearance

Week 5 – Week 8:

Lost 7 pounds! This put me at a total of 10 pounds down at my half way point, which is exactly half of my goal! 


So where am I now? At 12 weeks…


Weeks 9-12: Challenges and Successes

These last 4 weeks flew by! Between my son having his first birthday, my blogging career becoming even more intense, and the usual day-to-day life of being a stay at home mom, I didn’t spend much time focusing on my weight loss. That’s not to say I fell off the wagon by any means, I just didn’t have time to obsess over every little detail. 

In regard to food, I stuck to my ketogenic diet with the exception of my son’s birthday and a couple of cheat meals on the weekends. I am still very pleased with how easy it has been for me to maintain this diet plan (and follow The 5 Food Fundamentals) and not feel deprived. Sometimes after dinner, I do crave a snack. If I have already had enough to eat and I know that I don’t need any more fuel, I just make myself a cup of green tea and that seems to distract me long enough to move past the craving.

I’ve also noticed that the more carbs eat, the more carbs I want. That being said, if I can be strict with my diet on non-cheat days, I don’t have nearly as many cravings. On the days where I sneak a little sweet treat, I usually end up struggling to not grab another snack later in the day. 


It is perfectly normal and acceptable to have minor setbacks, especially when the changes you are making are meant to be long-term lifestyle goals. We aren’t perfect and we don’t need to be! The important thing is that, as soon as the interruption is gone, you get right back on track at full force. As I’ve mentioned before, I highly recommend downloading the My Fitness Pal app. It keeps me on track and shows me just how off course I am when life leads me astray. Continuing to put my calorie data and daily exercise into the app even when I was doing poorly kept me from go my too far off course, and reminded me that I wanted to get back to my goals as soon as possible. 


An Added Challenge

A big change for me during this 4 week period was weaning my son. As soon as he hit the 12 month mark, I started the process. WIthin 10 days, he was done! The positive side of this is that it could possibly help me to lose the remaining baby weight. Many women still hold onto those last few pounds while they are breastfeeding. If this is the case, I’m sure it will become more apparent in the last 4 weeks of this plan. Additionally, I don’t have to think about my son’s nutrition when I am eating. For the most part this won’t change my diet, but I can consume fewer calories if needed without being concerned about milk supply. Not to mention, I can have as much coffee as I want! 

The downside to weaning has been the hormonal changes. Essentially, my body has been in a weird on-and-off state of “that time of the month” for the last couple of weeks. I have felt slightly more bloated and I think that my water weight may be a little higher than usual. To combat this, I have been drinking more water, but it may still have affected this week’s weigh-in a bit. 


Want to know how I weaned my son in 10 days? Check out my post Weaning from Breastfeeding Quickly and Painlessly.


Overall, it was a great 4 weeks! I am still feeling stronger, healthier, more energetic and motivated to continue on my journey! 


Before and After

So let’s take a look at the side by side comparison. I am extremely pleased with how far I have come! At this point, I have lost 13 pounds in 12 weeks! This is a great pace and I am still on track to reach my 16 week goal of 20 pounds! 

16 Week Weight Loss Plan: Week 12 Progress



For those of you that haven’t read my last post, My 16 Week Weight Loss Plan: Week 8 Progress, here is a before and after including weeks 1, 4, 8 and 12.  

16 Week Weight Loss Plan: Week 12 Progress


How Do I Feel?

I feel freakin’ fantastic! My energy levels are up, despite my low carb intake. I fit into ALL of my pre-pregnancy clothes and some of them are even too big! I’ve also noticed an improvement in my mood. (Aside from some hormonal mood swings that came along with the weaning process)

I will say that I feel like my workouts have become a little stagnant. I had so much going on that I lost my focus a bit. For these last 4 weeks, I am motivated to increase the intensity of my workouts and perhaps even add in an extra workout each week. (Check out my Workout Plan) I’ve been steadily losing about one pound a week, so if I want to lose 7 in the next 4 weeks, I’m going to need to step it up! 


What’s Next? 

My 16 Week Weight Loss Plan: The Final Result!  (ETA 12/15/2017)


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16 Week Weight Loss Plan: Week 12 Progress     16 Week Weight Loss Plan: Week 12 Progress     16 Week Weight Loss: Lose the Baby Weight

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